Benefits of becoming a LINKMedicine partner

Be a hero
Add value not just to your own softwares and partners' portfolios, but also add value to your clients. You can help them solve their day to day problems with collaboration, management, communication and other organizational tasks- all with using!
Add a new revenue channel to your business by helping your clients implement and use LINKMedicine. (For larger enterprises, these professional services can add up to hundreds of hours).
You’ll earn a generous commission for all the plans your client purchases. If they add more users or upgrade their plan, you'll be compensated for that as well.

What else we offer?

A fellowship of advocates to help people in healthcare need all around the world.
Marketing Support
You’re not alone:) We’ll provide you with LINKMedicine’s best marketing support. we’re here for you.
Sales materials
We’ll provide you with LINKMedicine’s best marketing materials (videos, banners, and more.) Anything else you need!
Your own success manager
You'll have your own dedicated success manager to provide any information and support you’ll need.
Assistance during first sales
If you'd like, we'll join your first calls, demos, and conversations and coach you on our best practices. We can also just be there for technical questions.
Phenomenal product
Join a rapidly growing company with an amazing product. LINKMedicine is something your clients will actually use and love you for bringing it to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to be a part of advocates on the LINKMedicine platform?

Anyone 18 and older with background in biological, medical and/or life sciences who process a compassion for global medicine can be part of LINKMedicine Alliance. 

Can I promote LINKMedicine on my blog or via social media?

Absolutely. Sharing relatable, first-hand experiences is the best way to reach your potential customers.

Can I promote LINKMedicine by integrating it into other platforms?

Yes! With our API, we encourage you to integrate into any other product. Some of our clients have successfully integrated into CRMs, marketing platforms, finance platforms, and more.

How do advocates earn money using the LINKMedicine platform?

Riders earn by riding with the ad banner attached to their bikes and the app open on their phone to track their mileage. The app tracks their mileage and converts it into currency which the rider can withdraw at their leisure.

Is LINKMedicine relevant for my clients?

If your clients work in a team and have a computer, they can benefit from; it's as simple as that. We serve hundreds of different industries and teams of all sizes.

Am I allowed to advertise LINKMedicine on Facebook or Google Adwords?

Unfortunately, no. You can tap into your existing network and customer-base, but you are not permitted to advertise LINKMedicine via PPC channels.

How do the medical providers get selected?

Just like other patients, your referee shall register on LINKMedicine website/APP and input diagnosis of his or her disease or disorder. Upon expert validation and approval, a LINKMedicine FACTTM Medical Analysis Report will be available online. A personal virtual appointment may be scheduled data interpretation.

How do the medical providers get selected?

Once selected for an ad campaign, we ship you the banners to the address you include in your profile information. Once you get the banner you attach it to the frame of your bicycle and ride as you usually would.

I can't commit to a certain number of customers. Is this still relevant for me?

Sure. We're flexible!


Sell and support a tool your customers will actually use.

They will love you for it!

Where the world gets well