The Best Hospitals for My Disease?

The Best Hospitals for My Disease?

Ask Dr. HAIEL, an AI-powered health bot that helps patients for better hospital selection. Make more informed decision, and access the most expertise in cancer, rare diseases, and complex diseases!
America’s Top Hospitals by Medical Expertise

America’s Top Hospitals by Medical Expertise

Precision medicine starts with selecting care teams. Meet this year’s best of the best hospitals at the foremost of modern medicine. Make their quest for expertise known to the public!
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Track the Newest Drugs and Therapeutics

Track the Newest Drugs and Therapeutics

Most recent approvals, most recent breakthroughs! Obtain insights into FDA approvals that set new standard of care for related disease areas.
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Together with our AI-powered patient navigators, LINKMedicine transforms precision medicine into action.
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Harness The Power of AI to Better Hospital Choices for Your Disease

Use Big Data for Big Decisions

Check diagnosis, compare hospitals by expertise, and connect to the world's best expertise care!

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The A.I. powered health bot listens to you, asking questions to better understand your health conditions.

Know the best hospital

Our award-winning algorithm identifies and inform you the hospitals with the most expertise for your disease.

Get your best care

You make more decision to access the best care solution that best fits your specific needs.

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Use big data for your best decision!
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Health Conditions

Focus on your specific disease and disorder

Hospitals are not created equal

Neither is their expertise! There is no one-size-fits-all solution for all diseases!

Expertise is more than just a reputation

Even the most renowned hospital is not the best for every disease.

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Best Choice

Transform precision medicine into action

Powered by award-winning technologies:

We focus on comparing expertise so that you can take care of others.

Make a decision via holistic consideration

Taking expertise into consideration is what you are least good at.

Data Landscape

Just as no two diseases are exactly alike, no two people have the same medical care needs. At LINKMedicine, this foundational principle has been put to work — we overhauled the existing lengthy, faulty process of choosing a medical institution and built a new forard from the ground up, all designed to improve patients’ and caregivers’ experiences!

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Top Hospital Coverage

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Top Clinicians

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Health Conditions

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Clinical Procedures

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Research Projects

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Federal Funding

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Clinical Trials

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Honors and Recognition

KDD Cup 2013
The Microsoft Academic Search Dataset and KDD Cup 2013 – Workshop for KDD Cup 2013. The challenge was to tackle the problem of author name ambiguity in a digital library of scientific publications based on large-scale datasets from Microsoft Academic Search as many as 2.5M papers. LINKSciences finished among top10% team.
Johns Hopkins International Collaboration
The LINKSciences-Johns Hopkins collaboration was forged in with in Aug 2017. The collaboration featured the shared value between the two organizations to bring technology advancement and clinical exellence to the benefits of international patients from globally. We are big believers to make the LINKMedicine the standard and go-to solution for global healthcare in the era of big data and artificial intelligence.
China National TV 2018
"200 Years of Surgery" is a good-sized television documentary program of CCTV 9, the FIRST medical documentary in China concerning with the world-wide perspective topic of surgergical history. LINKSciences is invited as the major collaborators leading filming in U.S., and the medical data provider for the produce. The documentary is expected to be broadcasted on in 2018.
Global Medicine Summit
The LINKMedicine Global Medicine Summit is a leading forum to bring together world's leading physicians and technological leaders to drive the advancement of technology, spur next-generation medical innovation and accelerate global patient engagement in an environment of open engagement, free exchange, partnership and collaboration. The Summit has been successfully held twice since 2017.
Harbor Launch 2016
Harbor Launch is a startup incubator and community for science and science support companies supported by State of Maryland. LINKSciences joined Harbor launch in 2016 as the only company devoted to big data and digital health. LINKMedicine, LINKSciences' global medicine platform, features a data-driven solution to enable ordinary patients to evaluate medical providers' expertise for his or her specific health condition.
SAPA-GP 2017
LINKSciences wins big at 2017 SAPA-Hopkins Venture Forum, beating out over 15 teams. The forum was co-organized by SAPA (The Sino American Pharmaceutical Professional Association) and The Hopkins Club for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. With more than 1,000 participants, the annual forum and meeting attracted multinational pharmaceutical companies, investment firms, and research institutions. "Winning for the Patients!" LINKMedicine won with 34.7% of the votes!

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What do you do when you have just received a serious medial diagnosis and have to decide which hospital to use? In most cases, you'll depend solely on your doctor's recommendation, but...
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