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The invention in the era of metaverse that defies coronavirus.

Spirited in the quest of health

The pandemics has brought awareness that the health of you and your loved ones is invaluable.

Created by technologies and inspiration

The digital health platform was invented by a group of geek and good hearted men and women in the high of pandemic.

In the cloud and on the ground!

MetaRun Together empowers thousands of runners worldwide in both ways of Metaverse and real world. No barriers are to stop us!

Participated by runners globally,
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Why the MetaRun Together? 

Because it is cool.

Since its inception, MetaRun Together has safely accommodated thousands of runners from hundreds of cities all over the world to participate even in the high of pandemic. Every bit of their sporting effort on the ground is digitized and visualized on the global map in the cloud!

Past Events

2022 XJTU Global Run

Greater DC Run-Tsing Hua, Chiao Tung and Peking University

GMCC Metarun for the 12th Chiao Tung Alumni Summit


2022 50-National-Park Run

2020 XJTU Crossing America

2023 ZJU Trans Europe Run

We Run Together 2023 by CAAGW

2021 ZJU Trans America Run

2021 California UCAA Run

Pan Alma Mater Run-Tsing Hua, Chiao Tung and PKU

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Events hosted on MetaRun Together created enjoyable, inspiring, and uncherished experience. In the cloud and on the ground, the memory helps them soldier through the pandemic! We are so proud to be part of it!

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Charlee Detroit, MI

In Nov 2020, I organized our alumni association to participate in the 1st MetaRun virtual marathon.

That was the time when the pandemic was at its high. MetaRun is a platform that creatively combines technology and spirit for health, and allows alumni from all over the world to gather together without the risk of infection; the 3,000-mile journey from Silicon Valley to the White House was such as memory for me and other participants to cherish. The event shed light to the gloomy mood at that time!

The event also gave me a lot of personal motivation: I was not a runner prior to the event, and ever since then I can’t stop, and I keep running every day; I participated in the local marathon after the second year and complete the very 1st marathon in my life!

I am very grateful to the event and organizing team. I hope this MetaRun system keep improving, and more runners and alumni organizations can enjoy the joy of running and keep the quest for health!

Susan San Franscisco, CA

Creative software! Highly suitable for organzing group events during the epidemic. A very unique method to enable everyone's participating physical exercise to better fight against the epidemic. The activieis, including on-ground running, virtual relay marathon, passing the designated stations, encourages us to get out of the self-isolation home, run into nature, run in the sun, improve your health, effectively prevent epidemics, and improve the joy of life.  It allow our alumni to keep abreast of the dynamics of themselves, the team, other team members, and other teams while running, and set up background messages to exchange experiences and jokes. I enjoyed singing and laughing all the way along the virtual travel all over North America.

Sha Alexandria, VA

My first Meta Run, very exciting!

Keep going! Race against myself!

Sincere thanks to the organizers and the almighty data group!

Yu Boston, MA

What a pleasant surprise! That is the best sentence to sum up my 1st Meta Run Together event.

This event allowed me to meet a lot of like-minded alumni of USTC. Long distance run demands high spirit of self-discipline and endurance. Those who participates are willing to participate are willing to challenge themselves. I am happy to meet them and get to know them.Running is journey. Everyone encouraged each other every day, and there was a group of brave runners running with me, which increased my daily running distance from 4.5 miles to 5 miles. This gave me great motivation. Running toward goals, with a little progress every day, is changing our life.

Finally, I would like to thank the organizers for their dedicated organization and the dedication of the volunteers, so that we can have such a perfect cloud running experience. This Meta Run event is a start, and I look forward to continuing to run with our colleagues from USTC in the future!

Lei Potomac, MD

I ran the virtual Boston Marathon today and finished the race smoothly!

Thanks to the organization of Tsinghua Running Group and the volunteers for their encouragement and care!

It's a joyous and joyous process!

Peng Paris, France

The very 1st MetaRun for the French Alumni Association. We are flattered: not only as participants but also planners! The French Alumni Association was invited to "construct" the European Route:  a 6,700-mile one that starts from London, passes through Paris, Vienna, Budapest and other romantic cities in Eastern and Western Europe, crosses ancient West Asia, and finally enters the embrace of the motherland from the beautiful Xinjiang, and finally arrives at the alma mater of Xi'an.

This MetaRun sports meeting enables the French Alumni Association meet, interact and appreciate friendship from alumni from all over the world.

Thanks to the organizers of the event for their meticulous organization, presenting a unique sports meeting in a new way, and showing the event to everyone in the form of data.

Sam Gaithersburg, MD

Running log:

  • D1: This is my first in-person Boston Marathon - 125th Boston Marathon, liked it and enjoyed it very much!
  • D3: Recovery run, felt nice and easy
  • D5: Very easy on rolling street roads near neighborhood. It was very cold and dark!
  • D7: Feeling better and recovery from last Monday’s Boston Marathon race in progress.
  • D9: Very cold and legs felt tired. D11: LSD inserted with a T5 at QO High School track. Ran in the dark, but the sunrise was beautiful! A nice day, a nice run!
  • D 11: A very nice day. Ran a 8-mile recovery run very slow and easy. Getting ready for tomorrow’s long run.
Xiaohong Silicon Valey, Northern California

The best big group distance running record software so far!

In 2022, I organized the UCAA Cloud Run Relay: 28 teams, 405 applicants participated, and successfully circled 46 national parks in the United States. For ten days, the team members were immersed in you chasing me, and they were very happy.

The MetaRun software system has real-time statistics and real-time display of color charts. During the epidemic, this software not only contacted the alumni and recorded their daily races to enhance their immunity, but also enabled alumni to have a platform for communication.

Thank you very much to the LINKMedicine team for technically supporting our cloud running activities. Thank you for your hard work behind the scenes!

Ming Mclean ,VA

A fun time!

Crisp night air! Great view on top of Pittsburg’s Mt. Washington! Full moon: like a yellow moon cake!

Thanks to 13 volunteers and 14 runners!

Xiaoqin Oakland, New Zealand

This is a very interesting and meaningful activity under the characteristics of the epidemic. Because of the epidemic, I have not traveled abroad, vacationed, or visited relatives and friends in Auckland for more than two years.

The New Zealand Alumni Association Council responded positively to participate in this event for the first time. I was very excited to sign up, and one by one, I invited many brothers and sisters from the alumni association to sign up. Afterwards, 430 alumni from around the world gathered in the activity group to communicate with each other. Starting from the world, in the cloud sports meeting, embracing the sunshine and rushing to the alma mater, and offered their blessings in unison on the birthday of the alma mater on April 8.

What an amazing feat, one person can't do it, but alumni can do it together. At the same time, I believe that these ten days of sports will also develop our habit of exercising, and encourage and promote a better and healthier life for the alumni.

Thanks again to the organizers of this event.

Jun North Potomac, MD

Enjoyed this experience. The event is almost over. Everyone runs so much. Ha ha.

After taken around the VA by the pros the virtual world, I started running on the UVA campus in Charlottesville.

Thanks a lot, to the organizers and fellow runners!

Bo Singapore

Singapore welcomes alumni from all over the world!

Singapore, also known as the Lion City, is a beautiful island country. The population is about 5.6 million, 75% of which are Chinese. Located in the tropics, it has long summers and no winters, and the annual average temperature is between 24 degrees Celsius and 34 degrees Celsius. At the same time, Singapore is a multicultural and racial society and one of the most cosmopolitan countries in the world. The whole city has a remarkable effect in greening and environmental sanitation, so it has the reputation of a garden city.

Thanks to the organizers for the meticulous organization and this unparalleled idea, giving global alumni the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of their alma mater together!

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