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Developing novel drugs is an important part of modern medicine. Each year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) evaluates and approves a few dozen new drugs-latest therapeutic breakthroughs in the related disease areas. FDA approvals help set new standard of care and significantly advance patient treatments. Patients, in the United States and globally, benefit from having access to the safe and advanced therapeutic breakthroughs.



This Year’s FDA Approvals and Their Related Disease Areas

This year’s FDA approvals and their related disease areas represent most recent therapeutic breakthroughs and frontier of medical expertise. In 2020, the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) at FDA approved 53 novel drugs, either as new molecular entities (NMEs) under New Drug Applications (NDAs), or as new therapeutic biologics under Biologics License Applications (BLAs). The novel drug therapies-those never before approved or marketed in the United States-are approved for 47 diseases or health conditions from seven categories, including Infectious Disease; Neurology; Autoimmune, Inflammatory, and Lung Diseases; Heart, Blood, Kidney, and Endocrine Diseases; Cancers ; and Other Advances, Other Rare Diseases.

Diseases are categorized in accordance to New Drug Therapy Approvals 2020 Advancing Health Through Innovation (FDA,  2021 )


America’s Top Hospitals on Medical Expertise

Behind latest therapeutic breakthroughs are America’s top hospitals, especially teaching hospitals and academic medical centers! They help propel the frontier of medical expertise, with tremendous devotion to decade-long studies in clinical practice, scientific research, and translational investigation.

According to the American Hospital Association, there are a total of 6,146 hospitals in the United States, including ~1,300 teaching hospitals and ~400 academic medical centers.

Search for the Best of the Best

This year's America's top hospitals for medical expertise celebrates their unique contribution to each disease behind the FDA approved drugs in the past year, by rating their specific expertise for the breakthrough diseases. Novel drugs are innovative products that often serve previous unmet medical needs, enhance patients treatment options, and set standard of care in related disease areas. America's top hospitals represent the best of the best for the medical expertise.

In total, 24 hospitals from 19 cities from 17 states were identified for the expertise evaluation, representing the top 4‰ of all hospitals, or 6% of academic medical centers in the United States.

Meet this year’s top hospitals for medical expertise


This year's America's top hospital for medical expertise celebrates their unique contribution to each disease behind the FDA approved drugs in the past year, by rating their specific expertise for the breakthrough diseases.

Now, let’s meet this year’s 24 hospital awardees. Make their quest for expertise known to the public!

OverallDisease Category

Medical expertise, despite being the most important criterion for hospital selection and evaluation, has not been able to be defined and measured scientifically. LINKMedicine’s award-winning technologies make it possible to model and differentiate disease-specific expertise associated with each hospital.

By applying this technology, we successfully revealed how America’s top hospitals help propel the frontier of medical expertise in disease categories with the latest medical breakthroughs-those with this year’s FDA approved new drug and therapies.

The significance to properly access medical expertise could never be overestimated, especially for disease areas like oncology, complex diseases, and rare diseases, where ever-advancing breakthroughs are constantly changing the care paradigm. Uncovering America’s top hospitals’ landscape of expertise shall promote greater understanding of how our hospitals support innovation and improve treatments for patients in the cutting edge areas.

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Just as no two diseases are exactly alike, no two people have the same medical care needs. But we all share the same need to know about a hospital's medical expertise - how good the hospital is for my specific disease- before choosing one!

We are determined to bring "precision" to medicine, from the selecting of care team! Be informed and empowered with the innovation started from Johns Hopkins!

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